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On the privacy of the information provided – CONFIDENTIALLITY ISSUES

The information provided by the tool user is under no circumstance stored in the internal data bases of the COMBASE Tool.


The COMBASE Tool has been conceived for:

  • BAS developers
  • Biocidal Products Formulators
  • Consultancy companies providing services for BAS registration
  • Regulators at national and EU level
  • Consumer Associations
  • Research Institutions (Universities, Research and Technological Centers)
  • Any other institution interested in computational sciences and biocides

Please, select any of the identified possible users when registering for the present tool.


The models on which the COMBASE Tool is based are applicable to BAS with a chemical formula. In no way can the tool be used for alternative substances such as inorganic substances, plant extracts or living beings. Additional information at the present regard is available in the user’s manual.

With the contribution of the LIFE Programme of the European Union.

COMputational tool for the assessment and substitution of Biocidal Active substanceS of Ecotoxicological concern